Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Welcome to the house of fun!!!!

It's 7.34am and in the last hour or so that I have been up, I have come very close to an anxiety attack!

I know this is only my 3rd blog, but doing this when the cursor is working well seems to have a theraputic effect for some reason.

Matt left work at 5.20am this morning.  We'd had Spud in our bed most of the night right in the middle of us and on top of the duvet so that half the covers were off us and so it has been a bit "Parky".  Just as Id finally drifted off after being a whiskery kiss by Matt, I was screamed at to make breakfast by my darling 4 year old daughter who finds it fun recently to scream at me and not only wake me up but her brother who was happily snoring next to me.  So after telling her in no uncertain terms to "Buy One Get One Free", several times, she eventually went downstairs and waited while I got dressed and made the beds.

Well, theyve all had their breakfasts, apart from me.  What really bugs me about the mornings lately is that whatever Amy has, Adam has to have and if he doesnt get it, he makes me feel damn guilty for not giving it to him.  Its his immaturity over this sort of stuff which just pushes so many blasted buttons on me........whats  next, becausemy is wearing a tutu or has sanitary towels at 13 he wants them????  to be honest it wouldnt surprise me.
Anyway back to the almost anxiety attack......  Im upstairs, looking for a pair of trousers that feels comfortable, when all I can hear is MUUUUUUUUUUM!!!  I WANT!, CAN I HAVE etc for heavens sake I cant even clean my teeth without hell breaking loose!

Ok Ill admit that this is a normal sort of morning here, and that round the country there are a lot of other mothers that are having a worse morning . So I shall quit complaining, go and have some belvita breakfast biccies, give my darling dna a hug, smile at Spud dancing to the autumn song, and just get on with things.  Im just grateful that they are here safe and sound. 

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