Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Away Mon Away

Well, I survived the weekend away!.  The drive was nice, A1 pretty much all the way, a stop off at Wetherby and then onwards and upwards to Consett.

Our friends were pleased to see us and made us most welcome.  On the Saturday we went through what can only be described as "Stunning" scenery, through tiny picturesque villages with houses made of stone to the Metro Centre and had a good look round, finishing off with a meal at a buffet chinese restaurant which was fabulous.

On the Sunday we left Consett behind and travelled across quite possibly in my opinion the most beautiful scenery England has to offer to visit Matt's brother and his family.  The wild moors were changing from green to brown with Autumn touch, sheep and cows were in the road and roaming free giving us looks of disgust as we tooted them.  I felt somehow we were infringing on their land. 

Seriously though, if I could have, I would have gotten out the car at one point and run around for "Heathcliff" instead I was in a car with Matt and our 3 darling children. 

Matts brother and his family welcomed us warmly and the village where they live in  is again truly amazing.  Unspoilt and beautiful.  Their cottage is warm and cosy, and our two nieces were sweet and funny.  I now realise that if we could move anywhere in the country and had the means and obviously Matt's employment prospects, we would move North to Cumbria or Durham.

It was a good weekend, not as bad as I thought it was going to be, the trip home was all worth it with the hour and half detour across the moors to get to Scotch Corner, past Barnard Castle.  Some of the villages we went through were just stunning and I hope that the residents realise how lucky they are.

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