Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hide and Seek

I am just taking advantage of 5 mins before my darling teen walks in from the school run and all mayhem breaks loose.  I have a busy evening as I need to bath 3 kids, get dinner cooked and dished up and all before 5.15pm when I need to leave for parents evening!

The funny thing about trying to hide from certain things that are going on in your life is that sooner or later it will bite you on the bum on the day you are not expecting it.

Unfortunately this is whats happening at the moment to me, and I am finding it really tough not to give in to my usual impulse, run upstairs put on my nightie and jump into bed pulling the covers over my head and just sleep until everything has settled down.  I realise this because I am yawning so much and feel so incredibly tired....I guess having the therapy last year for depression and anxiety attacks has made me realise the symptoms in enough time to try and figure out how to deal with it.

I am lucky this time in that I have a great network of support from exeedingly good friends and on the rare occaisions he will let me talk and not talk over me, my husband.  My mother in law is a fountain of knowledge and good sense. 

This weekend my family except for Tony the Teen, are heading up North to visit friends in Durham and then on the way back home we are calling in to visit Matts brother and his wife and children, and introduce them to Edward.

Part of my rising panic is the travelling.  I dont mind travelling usually, but long distances with Matt and the kids, well Id rather go and have a brazilian.  I find it really draining and very very hard work.  I have tried on other long journies to be practical and well prepared, but all that goes the opposite way of my boobs as soon as we leave our driveway.  Like Chris Rea sings, "this is the road to hell". 

Ooops spoke too soon, here's the mob.

To be contd..............

TTFN  Kooks xxxxxxxxxx

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