Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The First and Last

Strange title for a blog post right? Well the reason is simple.  This is the first blog post I've written of 2017 and will be the last one until the 16th April, and here I'm not going to be posting as 'Kooks' I'm posting as Manda...waves hi!

The picture I've posted above pretty much says it all really, and I'd like to thank the actor Brian Krause for sparking the idea in the Charmed panel at Wizard World waaay back in 2014.  The cast were talking about the 1990s and it is Brian's comment at 25:19 that hit home with me, so really listen as its a tad noisy. Charmed Panel Wizard world 2017

Last year I gave up sugar in tea which I managed to achieve, and continue still not to do.  This years one is going to be more of a personal challenge in several ways. 

I have been open about my anxiety and depression and part of the condition is for my wacky grey matter to find somewhere to hide away. So my escape from 'reality' was online, social media and general faffing around on the internet.  Believe me I was spending the majority of my time online.

So this year I am closing the lid on my laptop, putting away my tablet and removing all apps from my mobile phone using it only to text/receive calls/take the odd photo. In other words I'm going to face my fear and live in my reality and hopefully through the period of time I'm away learn to accept things for what they are and to appreciate the life I do have.  Finding things to do and keep myself occupied is a challenge in itself.

Thanks to a trip I went on recently to Florence, a prospective story is forming, so its back to old-school with notebook and pens at the ready. I hope I can remember how to write instead of type!

I will use the home PC twice a week for banking/grocery shopping and to check any emails from overseas friends who wish to stay in touch.  My email address is mrsajward@hotmail.com for those who want to say a hi or 'keep going'.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to Mr Krause and the other cast members of Charmed if they felt as if this fruitcake of a Brit (with the odd nut thrown in) aka @Augustmum on Twitter had been stalking them.  I honestly haven't.  I discovered the show in November last year and its been an escape for me.  As a romance author certain storylines were just my mug of tea. I guess I was a bit over-zealous with my tweets!

Anyhoo, on that note.   I shall, like myself keep this blog post short and sweet(ish) and bid my readers adieu, ciao and a big TTFN.

I'll be back on the 16th April, until then Keep it Kooky!

Love, Manda xxxxxxxxxxxxx