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Hello everyone, and welcome to Kook's Nook.  This morning I am joined by the very delightful Tory Michaels who has recently had her first paranormal/fantasy novel published by Evernight Publishing.  I have read this myself and thoroughly recommend it.  It's amazing that this world has been created by a woman.  Especially a woman with a busy life twin baby daughters and a 5 year old.  Anyhoo, please give a huge round of applause to Tory, all the way from the good ol US of A!  Grab a hot/cold drink, some snacks and just relax and enjoy

Welcome Tory to Kook's Nook.
Thanks for having me Kooky, its a pleasure to be here.
First is there a book that sticks out in your mind, that you go back to time and time again?
Oddly, the first book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series (name escapes me right now). Incredibly hot. <cough> Yeah, so sue me.
How do you like to write? in the quiet or can you write amongst abject chaos?
Cannot write amidst a lot of chaos. I prefer music in the background, or TV. I need noise of some sort, but not the kind that you get from two babies and a 5 y/o. Heh.
Who is your inspiration?
Is it selfish to say I don’t really have one? I write because that’s what I love to do. I’ve never been the sort to say, “Oh, look at ‘X’, I must now write about it.” Maybe old role-playing games inspired me at times, but that’s about it.
Who would you most like to bring you your first drink of the morning?
I should probably say my husband, right? Necessary and loving wifely duty aside, if I could be sure I would emerge alive from it, I’d have to say Jordan. Yeah, I’m hung up on my sociopath. If we’re talking about people who really exist, probably David Boreanaz (Angel from the Buffy/Angel universe) or some other hot, mostly naked man.
What do you tend to snack on whilst writing (Im a foodie)
Pepperoni and cheese. Don’t ask.
Do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?
Mexican lasagna. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where the cookbook is and I’m not sure of the exact recipe. I’m not the primary chef (thank God – I despise cooking).

Could you give some advice to aspiring authors?
Don’t give up, pay some attention to the market but only to a certain point. Everything comes into vogue from time to time, and then goes right back out again.
What advice do you have if you get blocked?
Drink prune juice? Oh, did you mean writer’s block? Hehehe, sorry, couldn’t resist. Don’t do what I did (have babies). They’re awfully cute, but once they get out of the sleeping lump phase, they’re awfully squirmy and demanding of attention. I read, go back and reread what I’ve been working on and try to find out what went wrong and then chop it out and build things back up. I had to chop over 100 pages of my upcoming release, Blood-Mage Rising, because I’d gone down the wrong path. Later, I chopped another 40 pages because I’d done it again. While I will never be an outliner/planner, I can see why that route might appeal to some (including Super Editor).
A big question? How do you like your heroes, hairy chested or smooth and sleek?
Smooth and sleek. If I wanted a bear, I’d go find a Kodiak (or a were-bear) cub and cuddle with that. Blech, body hair on men is right up there with heavy-duty veins in the arms and hands for major turn-offs.
Do you find it easy to write love scenes?
Only if you consider getting teeth pulled easy.
Is there a type of romance you have always wanted to write?
Yup, and I’ve written it (Blood Rage). Now I’m more into the urban fantasy side of things, with a heavy dose of potential romance for the leads (Jordan/Chris in Blood-Mage Rising and book 3, potentially titled In Dreams or Blood Dreams).
What are your favourite genres to read?
Regency romance, paranormal romance, and suspense/thriller-esque books (think Douglas Preston/Lincoln Childs).
How do you relax?
I swim or read a good book. I’m pretty boring.
Finally.....could you share a teaser from your latest release please?
Hrmm, from Rage?

1810 – Scotland
As he circled the clearing, staring down at the fire he smelled from miles out, Anthony let out an inaudible snarl. He could see the damnable leader of the pack calling themselves the Aristocrats off to one side watching the blaze. The Bloody Baron himself, Jordan MacNaught.
To Anthony’s horror, a little girl lay unconscious at the baron’s feet, a spot of blood marring the white flesh of her neck.
Upon landing, he shifted from falcon to man and stalked across the chilly clearing. He felt only the faintest stirring of life. He could do nothing for the humans inside. He couldn’t retaliate either, not as long as the other man limited his mischief to members not of the Blood. Neither Council nor Circle cared when humans got hurt.
Reaching Jordan, he asked, “What the devil are you doing so far north?”
“Enjoying a gorgeous, chilly night, old man. Lovely company, delicious meal. I generally don’t find that this far north.” Jordan smiled at Anthony, clearly gloating over the knowledge that he was untouchable. “Question is, what brings you here? Don’t tell me, let me guess. Are you chasing down the little whore? Do you regret letting her go?”
Anthony’s attention centered on the little girl, no more than eight, lying in only a thin night-rail. He tentatively touched her mind, found no sign the baron did more than snack on her. Thank the gods. The girl bore little resemblance to Athdara, instead favoring the shared mother, the courtesan L’Emeraude.
Assured the girl should survive the bite, he looked back to Jordan, and he ground his teeth. Anger served no purpose in this discussion, so he reined his in. “Hardly,” he said, and left it to Jordan to decide which question the response fit. When it came to avoiding an outright lie, it all depended on which question he chose to answer.
Anthony Caldwell, his current persona, carried one of England’s oldest and most noble titles. He would never condescend to chase a woman, no matter how much he enjoyed her. He did miss Athdara though, even though she’d left him only two weeks ago. For the first in centuries, he’d lain with the same woman exclusively for two years, and he still didn’t understand why she left. They’d enjoyed each others’ company so much.
“Your wife said you came this way. She wasn’t happy you left without her.”
The shorter man smirked, holding his hands up as if to warm them by the inferno. “The little dear could have come with me. Such bounty should be shared. Would you care for some, Your Grace?”
His stomach curdled at the notion of taking blood from one so young. Despicable. “Given you came in pursuit of a woman, are you surprised she refused to join you?” Anthony waved toward the fire. “What was the point of this?”
“Eliminating MacKechnie’s ties to this wretched wasteland, naturally. With this as a lure,” Jordan nudged the little girl with the toe of his boot, “She’ll come right back to London.” He moaned softly, as if in ecstasy from whatever sick images he was conjuring.
Anthony almost flattened him right there, Inner Circle and rules of propriety be damned. After two years of fantasizing about his human, Jordan seemed to think her fair game now. And to involve a child? Given her utter devotion to her younger siblings, Anthony harbored no doubt Athdara would do whatever she had to to get Caila back. That devotion would only end in death if she got caught up in MacNaught’s game.
“The nectar of the little ones was incredible, old man. Pity there was so little.”
“You drained them? Burning wasn’t enough?” Anthony might act as executioner for the Council and Circle as required, but he could never, would never cross that line and kill a child.
“Waste them like that?” Jordan gasped in mock horror and clapped a pale hand to his cheek. “Heavens, no! They were so ripe for the plucking. Surely you’ve tried the young at least once? The fear, the agony. It’s almost as exquisite as a woman’s final scream

You can contact Tory at these websites

Thanks for being here Tory, its been an absolute pleasure, and from all of us at the Nook, wishing you every success with your writing.

Ok, thats all there is for now.  Keep viewing, as I am doing a round up of some really great romance books during this week.

Have fun, be safe, and above all.........KEEP IT KOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone.  I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day and if you had the kids off for half term, I do hope it wasn't too manic.

Unfortuntately for me, life has a habit of pulling the rug from under me, and I've been struck down with influenza and bronchitis.  The doctor told me to rest, rest and oh yes..rest.  However, being ill did not stop me from fulfilling my promise to my daughter and not letting her down for her birthday.  As  I'm writing this, I'm still not great, but I have this thing about trying not to let anyone down. 

I haven't got an author of the week, so thought that today, I would let you read my failed entry for the Blaze Valentine competition.  I was 500 words over whooops.

Years ago, my sister had this thing for a group called Madness, and one of their songs "The Bed and Breakfast Man" triggered a story in me.  So here it is.  If you have any comments please, I would be grateful.


Tess's hand shook as she tried to insert the key into the front door. After several tries the key fitted and she unlocked it, falling inside. "Shhhh" Tess slurred after she put her finger to her lips and staggered down the hall that was dimly lit with a warm yellow glow. Past the reception desk towards the stairs. She looked up at the curved staircase. Putting one foot on the stair, she tried to climb them. Eventually reaching the first floor she saw her room number. Tess regained her balance by leaning on the door. It opened, Tess's balance went and she slid down the door. Crawling over to the sumptous bed, she managed to undress and got in under the thick duvet encompassing himself in its warmth. The long day travelling, combined with the alcohol she had drunk at the rehearsal meal had taken its toll and she slipped into unconciousness.

Rolling over in her sleep, an arm went instinctively around a large warm body. She snuggled up to it and then was jerked awake by a very masculine voice .

"What the hell are you doing?" the deep voice said . "This isn't a sodding Carry On film you know".

Tess sat up in bed next to the body. He had a voice, boy did he have a voice, and it was echoing in her head making it throb in pain. Tess clutched it.

"This is my room, what are you doing in here?" Tess countered. Through the fog of her sleep, she realised that being nude and in bed with a strange man, really was not the best of ideas. After grabbing the sheet, Tess shut her eyes, as there was a click and the room was flooded into light.
"Ouch" Tess groaned.

"Been hitting the alcohol a little too much tonight?" the voice asked. With her head throbbing in pain, Tess was barely able to nod.
"Hmm. Can you take paracetamol?". Again, Tess nodded. Within minutes she was drinking a cold glass of water. She opened her eyes and looked down at the two white capsules.

"Oh for heaven's sake, they are paracetamol. Do you want to see the packet?" the exasperation in the voice was clear. Too tired and in too much pain to care, Tess swallowed the capsules, and settled back against the pillows. As she closed her eyes, Tess's last image was of a man with an amused expression on his face and blazing amber eyes.

Gabe sat on the chair next to the bed and made a final attempt to get comfortable. There was no way he could leave her alone in the state she was in. He could see her wriggle about in the bed, and every so often there would be a soft snore, followed by snuffling noises. She sounded like a hedgehog, Gabe thought to himself with a smile. After realising that there would be no chance of getting to sleep on the chair, he gave into his instincts and carefully lifted the covers. Climbing into the softness, Gabe closed his eyes and attempted to drift off to sleep, his body painfully aware of the woman next to him.

Gabe's eyes snapped open as he felt a hand softly tease the soft thicket of hair on his chest, and work its way downwards. Think unsexy thoughts a voice repeated over and over in his mind. 'Margaret Thatcher in a thong, Margaret Thatcher in a thong'. Just as he felt his arousal start to abate, the hand moved downwards closer to his groin. As the hand closed over his rock hard penis, his mind screamed...."Hell. Dennis Thatcher in a thong". Gabe stayed perfectly still. Her hand moved up and down on his cock, over the smooth knit of his jockey shorts. Gabe's mind went into overdrive when it channeled underneath them, and through the dark thick bush of hair surrounding him. Fingers teased and pulled the hairs, Gabe wanted to howl with pleasure. His cock was hard and thrusting upwards, the hand closed around him, skin to skin. It moved over the velvety softness of the tip, squeezing gently, and then slowly, painfully slowly downwards. The fingers acted as if it was memorizing every swollen, inch of him. Stroking each ridge and fold of him. Gabe's head snapped back, he was in agony, all he needed was to feel her soft mouth on him and he would go into............hyperdrive, and off he went. Gabe felt a soft warm mouth on him, replacing the hand that had been stroking his cock. Now it was a soft tongue, lapping at his head much like a cat lapping the finest cream then, moving downwards. His sac was caressed and stroked as she moved down the bed and took him deeper. The suction was firm but gentle. Teasing the tip of him with her tongue. Gabe flexed his hips arching into the movements. He wanted her so much. Hell, Gabe needed to be inside her when he came, but first he had to know.

"Are you okay?" Gabe whispered

"Mmmmm, never better" came the sleepy reply, "Now quiet and let me love you". Her mouth and tongue resumed their kissing and licking of his rampant cock. Gabe gave himself up to the intensity of her caresses on him. Just as he thought he couldn't take any more of the caresses, he felt her nipple brush against his wide chest, grazing his painfully erect nipples. Gabe's head bent and, using one of his hands, lifted her soft breast to his mouth, his tongue laved the taut nipple. He suckled on her deeply. Gabe heard her moan out loud. His other hand moved over her silken skin, down towards the hair at the apex of her thighs. It was damp, moist from her arousal, and Gabe's fingertips brushed through the hair, and down towards her clitoris. He stroked it once, twice. Tess groaned out loud. Gabe realised that he was close to climaxing with this woman, but wanted to love her as much as she had loved him. Gabe managed to switch their positions, and she lay there on the bed, her thighs open. Inhaling the sweet sultry scent of her, Gabe lay down between them, and tentatively ran his tongue from the tip of her clitoris, down and into her opening. He tasted her, he loved her juices that were now flowing freely. Gabe could feel her muscles around his tongue, it swirled around her clitoris, flicking it. His hands were on her breasts, caressing them, bringing her nipples to hard points. As Gabe sucked on her clitoris one final time, he squeezed the hard points.

"In me" Tess breathed. "Please, I want you, now" She gasped.

Gabe reared up and his rock hard cock inched slowly, tantalisingly into her tight, warm channel. He felt her muscles tighten around him, welcoming him inside. They were one person, they moved together, creating the perfect symphony. The tempo changed. It increased, and Gabe moved faster, Tess meeting him thrust for thrust. Gabe felt the beginnings of his orgasm, and the start of hers. Hands entwined, they reached their crescendo, as their love and their bodies merged into one being.

Shouting out their love for each other, Gabe collapsed onto Tess. He kissed her gently, then moved away, bringing her into the circle of his arms. Together they fell asleep.

Just before the alarm went off, Gabe woke up and looked down at the woman snuggling in his arms. She was perfect and she was his. He kissed her mouth gently. Her eyes fluttered open and smiling at him stretched lazily.

"Time to get up" Gabe said drowsily. He stretched out, but was reluctant to leave her. Still, duty called. He got up and before padding towards the bathroom, leant down and again brushed her soft mouth with his.

"It's a good job you remembered in your drunken state, that we changed rooms last night" Gabe said with a grin.

Tess looked bewildered. Her eyes were still muzzy from their night of loving.

"Well, all I can say is that if you hadn't remembered. I think you would have given Mr Stevens a heart attack. At 83, it wouldn't be very good for business, to have the wife of the owner, in bed with a geriatric!" Gabe teased her. "Anyway, breakfast won't make itself" He announced and went off in the direction of the bathroom. "And....after a night like that, you can go out with my sister anytime you want" he turned and winked at her.

Tess smiled to herself as she stretched again in the sumptuous bed. It smelled of him, her husband, her very own Bed and Breakfast man.

Have a great week, and above all KEEP IT KOOKY!!!!!!!!


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Happy Valentines Day.....with KATIE CRABAPPLE

Happy Valentines day to you all and welcome to Kook's Nook.  Today, I have handed it over to a very lovely friend of mine from the USA.....KATIE CRABAPPLE. 
Before I disappear, I would like to wish my daughter a very happy 6th birthday.  Valentine's day is very special in our home because of that.  I am very lucky in that I have a rather wonderful husband who is downright romantic.  Anyway.  I shall sit down with a mug of Lempsip and hand over to the very delicious KATIE!
Why dont you start by telling us all a bit about you Katie.......
I'm a Christian homeschooling mom of one little boy who is eight years old. My husband was laid off eighteen months ago, and has just started his own travel business from home. He shares the homeschooling with me to free me up to write more. 
We've been married for thirteen years and are still as much in love as we were the day we married. I believe that marriage is as much of a job as anything else is. You have to work to keep your love for one another alive. We spend a lot more time together than your average couple, with both of us working from home, and sometimes things get tense, but working at our relationship is worth the effort it takes.

Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday for me. We try to have a date night, just the two of us, usually consisting of dinner and a movie sometime during the weekend leading up to Valentine's Day. Neither of us enjoy crowds, so we try to go when there are less people out. I am, unfortunately allergic to flowers, perfume and jewelry. It's all down to chocolate. I'm not allergic to chocolate, and get it every year!

My goal with my stories for my Parkside Community Church is to portray churches as they actually are, but also to entertain people. I'm careful in my stories to not having my couples do anything to offend even the strictest Christian. I'd like my stories to be some that moms are happy to let their teenage daughters read.
What I've written for this blog is simply a Epilogue to the first story in my series "A Bride for Pastor Dan". In the story, Dan is a new pastor at the church Anna has attended her entire life. She loves her church, but is doing to much for it. Anna is not a pretty girl, and honestly never expects to marry. When Dan meets her, he's instantly struck by the type of person she is, not by her looks. Their love story is fast, but I've known many people who have met and fallen in love in the space of a day or two which is the case with Anna and Dan. This story takes place seven months after their wedding on their first Valentine's Day together. Join us in getting a glimpse of their lives after the wedding.

Here for your delight is the Epilogue of A BRIDE FOR PASTOR DAN.

As soon as Anna hit the front door on Tuesday afternoon, she started running around the house like a crazy woman. She changed from her work clothes into sweats and a t-shirt so she could accomplish her goal quickly. She’d been detained at work by a parent, and wasn’t sure she’d be able to get everything ready before Dan got home. It was their first Valentine’s Day together, and she wanted everything to be perfect.

She set the flowers Dan had sent to the school in the middle of the table, and found the long white candles she’d purchased just for tonight, setting them on either side of the flowers. She started the steaks in the oven, and took out the au gratin potatoes she’d prepped last night sticking them in the oven as well.

She put some broccoli in the microwave to steam, and got out the ingredients for a salad. She cut the vegetables quickly and efficiently throwing them into a bowl.

By the time Dan walked in the door, she had the table set with their new china they’d received as a wedding gift seven months before. The food was ready.

He stopped into the kitchen to kiss her and wish her Happy Valentine’s Day. "Dinner smells delicious. Do I have time to change or do you need to serve it now?"

"You have about three minutes while I get everything on the table."

"Three minutes? Does that mean you’ll eat without me if I don’t hurry?"

She grinned mischievously. "You never know. I might."

He laughed and hurried off to change out of the suit he’d worn to his office at the church.

The card she’d gotten him was tucked under the edge of his plate. She poured out tea for them both and put the food on the table. She was just lighting the candles as he walked into the room.

"You went all out, Anna. Thank you!"

"I wanted it to be special for our first Valentine’s Day together."

"You know, I can’t believe it’s our first. It feels like I’ve known you forever. How did I ever get through twenty-seven years without my other half?"

She smiled. "I feel the same way."

They sat down, and after he’d said the blessing over the meal, they ate. She tried to hide the excitement she felt at giving him her surprise at the end of the meal, but she was glowing with it.

He noticed the card peeking out from under his plate as he cut his first bite of steak. He set down his knife and fork. "May I read this now?" he asked, pointing to the card.

She nodded her eyes twinkling.

The card was a simple one, expressing love. The quick poem she’d added to the end was what made the card special. "Every day with you is special. I have a smile on my face all the time. I wanted to say this in a poem, but pregnant just doesn’t rhyme."

She watched his face as he read the card, and then what she’d written at the bottom. He sat and stared at it for a minute, and then jerked his eyes to hers. "Really?"

She nodded with a smile.

He jumped up from his chair and jerked her into his arms hugging her tightly. "How long have you known?"

"I took a test Saturday, and the doctor confirmed it yesterday. I almost told you on Saturday, but I thought it would be a great Valentine’s gift."

"How are you feeling?" His hands stroked over her back as he brushed his lips over the top of her head.

"Well, the poem almost read, ‘Roses are red. Grass is green. I think I’m pregnant, because I threw up my spleen.’ But I didn’t think that had quite the same ring to it."

He chuckled. "I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I’m thrilled you have a sense of humor about it. Are you sick just in the mornings? Or all the time?"

She sighed. "Just in the mornings. I’ve got a box of crackers in my nightstand I’ve been eating first thing to calm the morning sickness."

"What did the doctor say? You’re healthy?"

She nodded. "Healthy as a horse. With all my mom’s miscarriages, they’re going to watch me a little more closely than most. I’ll go in for a sonogram in two weeks."

"Is there a danger you’ll have as many miscarriages as she did?"

She shook her head. "There’s a slight chance, but the doctor doesn’t think so. She’s just going to watch me to make sure."

"When is the baby due?"

"Middle of September."

He sighed. "I have to wait that long to hold my baby?"

She grinned. "You can stop complaining now right. I’m going to be as big as a house in the heat of the Texas summer." She kissed him quickly. "We need to eat before dinner gets cold."

They slipped back into their seats. "Are you going to stop working?"

She nodded. "I told the principal this morning this would be my last year. I want her to have time to find someone. I want to be able to home school this one and any others who come along."

"Sounds good to me. When will we be able to find out the sex?"

"At twenty weeks. I’m only eight weeks now."

"Three more months? How will I know what color to paint the nursery?" When they’d purchased the house six months before, they had designated a room for the future nursery.

"You’ll have five months to paint it after we know."

He sighed. "I really want to know now."

She grinned. "Maybe you need to pray for patience."

He made a face at her. "Yeah, I guess I should do that. I’ll never get through the next seven months otherwise." He gripped her hand tightly. "I’m so happy."

Her face lit up. "I am too. I wasn’t sure I wanted a baby right away, but now that I’m pregnant, I can’t think of anything I want more."

"Do you want a boy or girl?"

She shrugged. "I’d be happy either way, of course, as long as the baby is healthy, but I think I want a little girl first."

He shook his head. "I want a boy first. I want him to help me fight off all the boys who are sure to swarm around her if she’s as beautiful as her mother."

Anna smiled. "You’re the only man in the world who thinks I’m beautiful."

He shrugged. "I can’t help it that all other men are blind idiots."

She laughed. "Only you would see it that way." She squeezed his hand. "I love you, Pastor Dan."

"I love you, Anna."

"Happy Valentine’s Day."

He brought her hand to his lips. "Thank you for the most wonderful Valentine’s gift a man has ever received."
Thanks Katie, that is  such a beautiful story.  Catch Katie on Facebook, Twitter and on Smashwords.

To everyone, have a lovely lovely day, and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISH!!!!


Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Day with..........KATIE CRABAPPLE

Tomorrow is Valentine's day, and I have asked a good friend of mine, KATIE CRABAPPLE, to be my author of the week.

Join me tomorrow on this most romantic day, instead of tea, have a glass of chilled champagne and some choccies. 

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday Tit-Bits with Author of the week............GEORGIA FOX

Good morning everyone and welcome to Kook's Nook on a snowy and cold day.  We are celebrating today with birthday cake as it is my son Edward's 3rd birthday.    Not only that but we are also celebrating 60years since the accession of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  A once in a lifetime occasion.

Today in the Nook, I am joined by Evernight Publishing Author, the most sexy and gorgeous GEORGIA FOX.

So please get all snuggly and warm, grab a mug of tea/coffee/chocolate, and enjoy my converstation.  Lets hope her steamy chat will warm you all up!

What inspires you, is it romance, sex, or humour?

A bit of both! I have to have humor in my characters and I LOVE a man with a sense of humor. Especially one who also laughs at MY jokes LOL

I know that there are books that stick out in your mind, could you share with us one of them and why please

"Olga da Polga" by Michael Bond (who also wrote the Paddington Bear stories, of course). I read it when I was about 8 and its about a guinea pig's adventures. I have wanted a guinea pig ever since and never had one! That was the first book I ever read, where I was saddened when I finished and I immediately wanted to go back and read it again. I suppose that was when I realized how important stories were and how they could make you actually feel something. I still have a copy of that book.

How do you write, is it in silence or surrounded by chaos?

Semi-silence. I write my best work early in the morning and there's often snoring somewhere in the house. Occasionally I'll write with music on, but that can be distracting.

Is there a particular genre you have always wanted to write, but find it difficult to?

I have a literary fiction manuscript that I would love to get published one day. It is the first book I ever completed and it actually had an agent for 18 months, but she was unable to sell it for me, so currently it's still waiting to leap out on the world. I hope one day it gets its chance. When I was a teenager I wrote sci-fi and horror, but I couldn't write that now. I love writing erotic romance! Love it!

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors who are having trouble with their work in progress?

If its stalling, don't push it. Set it aside and free your mind by writing something new. For me, the best thing is a little exercise I call "So what?" I have to write a conversation between two brand new characters that starts off with one of them asking that question. I've created some of my favorite character with that exercise. I often start a book by writing a series of scenes between my lead characters (not necessarily in story order). It's my way of seeing how they play together and whether there is chemistry.

Of course the big question, who would you love to bring you, your first drink of the day?

Paolo Maldini - Italian soccer star. And Henry Cavill - actor.

APART (note I said APART) from chocolate, what do you munch on when you write?

Nuts. I love cashews.

Any particular film or book you pick up and read/watch time after time?

I read Pride and Prejudice once a year - every summer. It's like my summer vacation! I also read "Rebecca" a lot and I love the old black and white movie of it with Laurence Olivier. I also adore "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane". I love black and white, classic movies. Nothing better than that when its raining out and you have a day off work to snuggle on the sofa.

Of course, for all our women out there, do you have a preference for hairy men or smooth men with tonnes of tattoos?

I'm not a fan of tats. A few would be ok. As for hair, I think I'm somewhere in the middle. A man who waxes would be a turn-off to me, because it would suggest - whether true or not - that he spends too much time thinking about his appearance. I'm not into the whole "metro-sexual" man look - the feminization of men. I like my men raw LOL

Do you feel that the Nice guy sometimes has a raw deal, and that the bad boy tends to get the gal most of the time?

In real life or in books? I think the bad boy, like the bad girl, gets his share of fun, but when push comes to shove most good girls end up with good guys. Besides, we all know that behind every bad boy and girl there is a good one screaming to get out. And vice versa!

Do you have a recipe you could share with us at all?

Sure - I'm not much of a cook so I keep it simple! Georgia's pasta - Put water to boil. Shred or chop fontina cheese. Halve cherry tomatos. Squeeze fresh lemon juice. When water boils add penne pasta and cook. When pasta is al-dente, drain. Toss with olive oil, seasoning, garlic, lemon juice. Toss in cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil. Voila! (oh and you can add those little hot red pepper flakes too if you wish!) Easy peasy.

Now for the teaser. Do you have a tantalising glimpse of a novel for us to mouthwater over?

The Wagered Wench - Book 5 in The Conquerors series - is my new release. Here's the blurb -

As her father's only child, Elsinora must take a husband to help her run the manor of Lyndower. Although capable of managing the place herself, no one trusts a woman to lead. She can be a wife and mother, nothing more. But she's determined to choose the man for herself and she has just the one in mind—handsome, clever, chivalrous and kind-hearted.

She hasn't met him yet, but he's out there. Somewhere.

However, when her father returns home drunk one evening after a game of tavern dice, Elsinora soon discovers that sobering him up is not her only problem this time. The scarred Norman beast with the crude manners and insulting tongue—the one who brought her father home slung over the rump of his horse, has won not only the manor of Lyndower as his prize after a night of gambling. He's also won Elsinora.

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