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A winner has been chosen and could blueshedevil please watch out for your in-box as a $10 amazon voucher and pdf copy of Without Saying A Word is winging its way to you over the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for taking part and leaving a comment.

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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Welcome to my first Hump Day Hook blog post. 

Here's my snippet from my book Without Saying A Word

The caress was Rhean’s undoing. He speared his fingers in Laura’s hair, pulling her mouth up to his. He plundered her mouth with all the pent-up passion he felt for her. Thrilled with her response to him, he stroked her tongue with his. Laura moaned out loud as Rhean’s hand moved upward to her breast, gently pinching the hardened nipple. Flooded with desire for her, Rhean’s mouth and hands moved over and around her naked body, squeezing her buttocks and pulling her onto his hard shaft, impatient to be inside her warmth once again. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat. Rhean’s mouth settled there, nibbling, as he drew Laura deeper into the water, her breasts undulating in time to the ripples. Her nipples begged to be kissed and suckled. Rhean’s mouth moved lower, pulling one deep inside. He licked and suckled gently, creating a suction that pulled at the hard tip. The water surrounding them heightened their intimacy.

Just something I hope will 'whet' your appetite. 

It's available now from and

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Emily A Lawrence filling in for a Sneezy Kooks!

Aaaaaaaatchooo! Just a quick wave and hello from me before a very talented author fills in for me today on Kook's Nook.  It's hayfever season in the UK and so Emily A Lawrence is taking over.  Please hand round the biccies and give her a warm welcome.

Thanks for being here today Emily.  Can you tell us a bit about you?

Emily A. Lawrence is extremely passionate about fiction. She’s been writing stories, mostly fan fiction, for years now, but only began thinking seriously about publishing approximately a year ago. Encouraged by her family, friends and fellow authors she pursued her dream, and received her very first acceptance in March 2013.​

She loves creating new characters and losing herself in their worlds. Usually, she writes contemporary romance in three heat levels: sweet, sensual and erotic. However, she would like to try her luck at other genres one day, such as paranormal or mystery.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, new sceneries, food and meeting new people, or simply reading a good book.

Book title: Hot Dreams of a Lonely Soul – Book 1
Sequel: Hopeful Dreams and New Beginnings – Book 2 (scheduled for August)
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Book blurb:
Sexy former bikini model Carly Smith chooses to stay away from men after getting out of a bad marriage. Still traumatized by her past with her jealous, abusive ex husband, she is afraid to engage in another relationship, let alone be intimate with anybody. However, sparks fly when she meets her new handsome boss, Robert Benton. Extremely attracted to him, she finds herself in a delicate situation as he is constantly in her thoughts and haunting her dreams at night, turning her entire body into a time bomb of need, ready to explode. Each time she wakes up disappointed and alone, craving for his touch, but lacking the courage to turn her hot dreams into reality. What happens when Robert unexpectedly shows up at her door one night? Will she manage to overcome her fears and allow him inside, or will she deny him access?

Buy links:

 Author contact links:


Raw need twisted in her gut. Anxious to see the rest of him, she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then watched him hook his thumbs inside the waistband and peel them down his hips together with his boxers, freeing his huge erection.

She gasped before she could catch herself, her insides liquefying more at the mere sight of it. Suddenly she was dying to feel him inside her, stretching her cunt in the most pleasurable ways.

“Is something wrong?” A hint of amusement edged his words as he regarded her mischievously. “You look surprised.” Pure confidence of male pride laced his husky voice.

Carly saw the twinkle playing at the corners of his eyes. “You’re big...” she murmured, but hardly recognized the sound of her own voice.

“I am as big as I need to be to make you scream like never before and beg for more,” he said with a confidence that only enhanced her impatience, her channel quivering with the need to be filled. His deft hands spread her thighs wide and his eyes took in the glistening pink folds of her pussy now exposed to him. “Gorgeous!” He swept his tongue over his lips to moisten them. “I’ve wanted to taste this the moment I first say you.”

“Robert...” Her throat tightened and her mouth went dry. The color grew hotter and hotter in her cheeks under his profound glare, and she fought with the urge to pull her thighs back together. However, the look in his eyes was nothing like that of her ex husband. His was of pure joy and admiration and his gaze seemed to be worshipping her, sweeping her from head to toe. The realization soothed her, little silvery wings of anticipation fluttering through her and causing all her worries to dissipate into thin air.

 Thanks for having me Kooks, I hope you feel better soon.
Love and hugs to you all
Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxx




Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Well hello there, and welcome to Kook's Nook.  If this is your first time here, well you are in good company because surprisingly enough, it's my first time as part of a blog hop.  So grab a mug or glass of something you fancy, make yourself comfortable and help yourself to the delicious array of biccies I have on offer,

As part of the blog hop I am giving away a $10 Amazon voucher AND a copy of my book Without Saying A Word.  All you need to do is follow/hop around each of the authors featured on the hop and one lucky winner could win
1st Grand Prize: (1) Kindle Fire!
2nd Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card

Authors participating in the hop are:
So I hear you ask, how am I going to entertain you?  Well, I thought seeing as this is my first time on a blog hop and as my novel features a MALE virgin, I would talk about first times.

The term 'first times' can conjure up all kind of thoughts.  The first time I saw my child, the first time I met my husband.  The first kiss, and yes even the first time you make love with your partner.  It's the anticipation of something new happening.  My mind races, envisaging what 'could' happen. Running through scenarios left, right and centre. Yet nothing really prepares you for what happens.  Take for instance the first time I met my husband.  We met online and after a few weeks of chatting, we finally met in person.  At first there were nerves.  However, as we chatted and he helped me cook dinner, for some reason for me, I felt that I had known him for longer.  I enjoyed being with him.  He made me smile, and his off beat sense of humour struck a chord within me.  As for wanting to take him upstairs and well...... I had to restrain myself.  This was after all our first meeting, and being the impulsive woman that I am (attempts an innocent look) this was rather difficult for me.  Our first kiss felt as if I had come home at last. 

A year later we were married.  We have been married 7 years in August and together now for over 8.  We have three children and two insane cats, and there are times when things are rocky and up and down, but we work through them.

For Matt; marriage to me is his first time.  For me, it was my third, but it is my first time at seeing a relationship through.  My first time where I cannot walk off in a huff because something isn't going my way, nope. We work things through together; and this is the sort of thing I try to write in my novels.

So what first time for you sticks out in your mind?  Is it when you saw your baby new and innocent? or perhaps even the first time you tried some new recipe and it went tits up?  I would love to know, so please leave a comment below.  You may even win the voucher.

Here is an excerpt from my novel Without Saying A Word.  I hope you will like Rhean's first time and pehaps could encourage you to read my work.

Worked though, didn't it?” Rhean grinned at her, as his fingers stroked her arm sensuously enticing her to be aware of him. The softness of her skin slid against his roughened fingertips. His body reacted sharply. Rhean looked into the deep languid pools, searching for a flicker of awareness from Laura. He knew an attraction between them could be perilous, but felt an overwhelming need to know how her lips would feel against his. Their gazes meshed, the air around them electrified, and for a second he was afraid to take things any further.

Rhean saw the conflicting emotions in her face and knew deep down that now was his chance. He seized it. Moving closer to her, his thigh pressed against hers.

Laura,” he whispered her name raggedly. When she tried to turn away, Rhean stroked her face with a long finger back to him.

Please,” he begged, his voice harsh and raw with emotion.

Their breaths mingled, and his hand rested on her smooth cheek, caressing it with his thumb. At the same time, yet hesitantly, gently, his mouth covered hers. A delicious sensation of caressing more than kissing flooded him. Rhean's lips thrummed from the feel of her mouth on his, but then as if in a blind panic she turned her face away from him, and broke their kiss. Rhean pulled her back into his arms

No,″ he whispered, “Trust me Laura.” As they embraced, his mouth recaptured hers crushing her to him, deepening the kiss. Tentatively his tongue slipped onto hers. Stroking, dancing, they melded into one, aware of nothing but each other.

Rhean's heart soared. He was lost in the heady sweetness of her taste on his tongue and his lips. Finally, he hoped, she would be his.

Mother!” Rhean and Laura moved apart. They looked at James, standing in the doorway with an amused expression on his face. Laura's face flushed red and Rhean stood up, feeling as though he had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. He shoved his hands into his trouser pockets then relaxed after the wink James gave him.

So there you go Laura and Rhean's first kiss.  Did that whet your appetite to read more?  If so leave a comment and you could be in for a chance of winning.

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Guess what? It's getting close to the official start of Books To Go Now's Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this.

Guys please comment on your main/first post if you want to be eligible for the Grand Prizes.
-We have TWO grand prizes. Please go to EACH blog and comment about their hottest summer nights. Just make sure you leave their email address and name to be entered to win.
Here is the main blog page Books To Go Now and here is a list of all the participants  taking part in the hop.

What are the Grand Prizes?
We are going to also offering two Grand Prizes!! In order for readers to take part, they must leave their comment and email address. Two winners will be chosen at random and notified no later than May 31, 2013.

1st Grand Prize: (1) Kindle Fire!

2nd Grand Prize: (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card

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Hi chaps.

Today I am thrilled to take part in sexy snippets, so here for your pleasure is an extract from my new release WITHOUT SAYING A WORD, available from Amazon co/com and coming soon from Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.  Also check out the Books to Go Now website for other fabulous releases.



Laura showed Rhean how much he excited her, using her lips and tongue. She found her young virginal husband so incredibly arousing. His firm muscular body beneath her was a smorgasbord of delights. Laura lapped her tongue around his nipples, and then further down, teasing his erection with her hands. He rolled over, giving her better access to his body. Laura touched him ever so lightly with her tongue, dipping the tip into the fluid she found there. Her name in a muffled groan from Rhean’s lips thrilled her
I hope you enjoyed this rather enticing snippet.  If so and you would like to read more, look for Without Saying A Word on Amazon.
Kooks xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Hi everyone.

Well it's official, WITHOUT SAYING A WORD is going to be released this week.  So, I thought I would give my lovely followers a sneak peek at an exclusive extract, never before read by anyone apart from the publisher and my editor. 

Laura, what happened between you and Max?”
Laura's eyes snapped open. She sat bolt upright on the sofa. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “What did you just say?” Laura wondered for a moment if she had been asleep and experiencing a nightmare. She glared at Rhean, standing in the doorway, wiping his hands on a tea-towel.
I asked what happened between you and Max,” Rhean repeated softly.
Laura shook her head incredulously, tapping her ear with her finger.
No, I wasn't dreaming. What the Dickens brought this on?” she asked, her voice shrill.
Laura, I have been nothing but honest with you since we met. I thought if you told me what went wrong with you and Max, it might help.”
Laura pursed her lips. She should have known this question would crop up, even after all the counseling she had been through. She could not think about that day without shuddering, and feeling ashamed. Laura knew she had the courage within her. Well, if he wanted to know, so be it. The delicious meal she had enjoyed earlier left a vile aftertaste in her mouth, and her stomach throbbed in response to her tumultuous emotions.
Laura stood up. She found it easier to pace and talk, desperately avoiding the stricken expression on Rhean's face. She saw he was sitting in her favorite armchair, leaning forward.
From the look on your face and the way you asked the question, I get a nasty feeling that you know already,” she said.
Rhean nodded. “I know some, not all,” he admitted softly.
Laura bobbed her head, and let out a whoosh of breath, desperately needing to compose herself.
You would have thought that after a year of counseling this would get easier to talk about.”
Some things are never easy,” Rhean replied, his voice as soft as a whisper.
Despite the fire raging away in the hearth, Laura felt chilled to the bone. She rubbed her arms and shoulders, and knew she could no longer put it off.
Max and I were married for just over twelve years. We'd met at a friends' party, started dating and six months later he asked me to marry to him. Max worked for the local council, as one of the finance team. So his job was secure, and we had a lovely home. I didn't want for anything. When Maisie, Theo and James arrived, Max was a great father, attentive, even spoiling them at times. Because of his job, he spent time away from home on courses and business trips, and I never thought anything of it. If I had to get in touch with him, I’d leave a message with his secretary.”
Anyway, one day, I came home from the shops. It was so stupid. Maisie had asked for a certain meal that night, and I'd forgotten to get the ingredients, so I had to make a special trip out. I came home and found Max's wallet on the table. He was supposed to be at work. When I picked up the wallet, a slip of paper fell out. I picked it up... and went upstairs and er...well, I found Max screwing another woman on our bed.″
Laura let out another deep breath. Now for the hard part.
Max went all apeshit at being caught. The next thing I knew, he's called me every single name under the sun, and hit me. But he didn't stop. He kept on, hitting, slapping, and kicking me. It was as if he wanted me dead. You know the stupid thing about all this? I didn't fight back. I should have found it within me to bite him. I should have kicked him in the balls. I should have run from him. But I didn't. I fell over one of her shoes, hit the ground and before I could catch my breath, he kicked me in the chest.” Laura's voice broke. “This was Max, for crying out loud. He had never raised a hand to me, and never even yelled at me. We had discussions, but hardly argued. Max was easy-going and I thought he loved me. I tried so hard to be the best wife I could be. But it wasn't enough for him.”
She shook her head, and paced to and fro in front of Rhean. She hoped he wasn't too disgusted with her at being such a wimp.
And that's all you are going to get........for now.  Please keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook page and on Kook's Nook for links.
Would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Conner from BOOKS TO GO NOW, my editor Marilyn and Danica Winters for all their wonderful help, and isn't the cover art fabulous!
Keep it Kooky!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Raven's Being Impulsive!

It's Kooky here, waving hello and welcoming you all to her cosy little nook!

Today I have the honour of welcoming Raven McAllen to this little part of England to talk about her new release Impulse.

So here with coffee and shortbread, I hand over Kook's Nook to the more than capable hands of the wonderful RavenMcAllan

Raven McAllan releases a steamy novella via Just Ink Press LLC 
IMPULSE is set on Isola Dei Sogni, an island where dreams and fantasies become reality and love may tackle when least expected.
Long Blurb:
Dylan has arrived at Isola Dei Sogni to help out .....with reluctance and just as a favor. Then he meets Mia.  If she's the person he's supposed to assist, then maybe the visit won't be the waste of time he thought after all.  His attitude has changed, and when he hears Mia wants to give him his fantasy, Dylan is never one to disappoint a lady....he hopes.
However, fantasies and dreams are all well and good, but even here, reality creeps in.  Can Mia and Dylan overcome that to reach their happily ever after?
"Inside".  His voice was hoarse. "Touch inside.  In the way you'd like me to touch you.  Show me Mia.  Show me"
Her body was on fire as she moved her hand.  She'd show him, and rejoiced that she'd found a person who desired her so much.
"Like this?" With an insouciance she wouldn't have believed she had, Mia wet her fingers and moved them to her pussy.  Slowly she pushed inside herself.  The look on his face gave her courage to move them further inside.  As she scraped the walls of her channel, her clit tingled and sharp arrows of pleasure honed in on her nipples. Her juices coated her fingers and without conscious thought, she moved her hand to coat her nipples with her essence.  She trembled as she returned it to her heated sheath.  her head fell back and she gave herself to the sensations that bombarded her.
"My turn" Dylan stood up and pushed his chair back. It fell over and hit the floor with a bang.  Mia jumped at the unexepected noise and her hand moved out of her channel and dropped onto her lap.  He lifted it to his lips.
"Ah, so good, it tastes of you."  Goose bumps covered her skin as he put her fingers into his mouth and licked them one by one.  "Now I can't wait, my lovely Mia.  Are you ready?"
Raven lives in Scotland with her husband and their two cats.......their children having flown the nest, surrounded by beautiful scenery, which inspires a lot of the settings in her books.

She is used to sharing her life with the occasional deer, red squirrel and lost tourist, to say nothing of the scourge of Scotland....the midge!
A lover of reading, she appreciates the history inside a book, and a chance to peek into the lives of those from years ago.  Raven admits that she enjoys the research for her books almost as much as the writing; so much so, that sometimes she realizes she's strayed way past the information she needs to know, and not a paragraph has been added to her WIP.
Her lovely long-suffering husband is learning to love the dust bunnies, work the Aga, and be on stand-by with a glass of wine.
You can find out more about Raven at the following links

Website  Blog  Facebook Fanpage  Facebook profile  Twitter

Hi Kooks, thanks for inviting me over today.  Now that's the official bit, so now shall we drink that amazing smelling coffee and gossip?  I've bought the G-f cookies.

I'm so pleased to be part of the Just Ink family, it's been a fantastic ourney, and we've only just started.  Book two is well under way, and as wee treet, here's an teaser.


Marloth Ducaine was worried. Deep down hold on to your balls worried, and he didn’t like the feeling one little bit. What on earth had compelled him to get a
brochure for the resort sent to the woman his boss fancied he'd never know. But he had,and she'd shared it and now Marloth was going to suffer the consequences. Faran had growled incessantly since he found out, and Marloth feared for his fur. It was he last time he tried to do anyone a good turn.

Even if it did work in my favor.  Maybe. And I can't lie to myself and pretend I didn't know who else might see it.

He shook his head and his fur rippled out in waves of gold and black. He had a nasty feeling he was in for a bollocking and knew it was deserved, even if he could say he acted in other people's best interests. The fact it was in his own as well he ignored. Just for once he'd like to look honorable.
"Marloth to the control room. As a human." The call over his radio did nothing to reassure him. The addendum 'as a human' just pissed him off. Why couldn't he have the choice?


Well that was clear enough. Faran sounded as annoyed as Marloth felt.
Maybe he'd just better do as his boss requested. Marloth began the transformation from Tiger to human. As usual his golden hair was the last part of him to shift. He ran his fingers through it and unsnagged a couple of knots, and wondered if he aught to have it trimmed.
What do you think?
 and look….
Be sure to comment below to win a FREE copy of Impulse! Two winners will be chosen.  Also head over to the Just Ink Press blog and leave a comment there with links to any shares you might have to be entered into their Grand Prize drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card!

How does the Grand Prize contest work?

Comment = 1 entry (multiple entries possible; one per blog and one on the Just Ink Press blog


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