Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pann's Back

Walks into the nook pushing a trolley laden with tea, biscuits and cake.  Guess who's back?

Yep tis me and apart from tea and goodies I come bearing exciting news...Early on in the year I signed a three book contract with Hot Ink Press, part of CHBB Publishing for the entire Adventures of Pann Haggerty series.

They have been re-edited to a high standard and the covers have a exciting and fresh new look.  Same quirky Pann with her off-beat attitude to life. 

The first in the series, The MisAdventures will be released on April 30th 2016.

And now for the cover, designed by the very talented Rue Volley.

Isn't it wonderful?
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Sarah Davis Brandon and her staff for their support and enthusiasm for my quirky older heroine.  To be able to make Pann available for a new readership is a privilege and without Sarah's faith in me, my dream wouldn't happen.
With love to you all and above all, keep it kooky!