Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ho Ho its December

Goodbye November and the manicdom that was Nano, Greetings December and here comes Christmas!

I tried with Nano, and to my shock I managed 31K.  I was really enjoying writing, until the last week.  I was in a routine with the writing, and then two of my children fell ill, followed by me.  I am still suffering from a sinus infection which is really really painful.  So, on the advice of hubby, I took a break, and subsequently bought out the charity shops of their M&B Temptations.  This has now led to a slight issue of the fact I have filled up my shelf, read pretty much all of them and am itching to get more. 

Reading the old Temptation line was like going back into my own reading past.  They were the first line as a preteen I read, thanks to my Nan.  I used to sneak into her spare bedroom where they were piled on the dryer and in bags on the floor, lay on the bed and just read them.  I have been buying a few of the ones I remember from Amazon and they take pride of place on my bedside cabinet.  I re read them frequently. 

I seem to be the same with my reading, the way I am with music.  I have to be in "the frame of mind" to listen to certain music and its the same with reading.  With Temptation, even if the kids are messing around, I can just pick it up and read it.  With erotica and paranormal stuff, then I have to be "on my own" so to speak, and in the right frame of mind.  Trying to read very hot material with kids and i carly or fireman sam on in the background, puts me off.  Again its the same when writing.  I need peace and quiet.  Hearing a "mum, or Manda" stops me in my stride, and gets very very frustrating.

What I have written so far, Im loving lots.  It may not appeal to everyone, but when it is finished, well I would have accomplished something.  I feel its very much on the line of the Temptation novels.  Its a shame that they stopped publishing the line. 

I shall leave you with a small excerpt of my work in progress.  Remember though this has not been edited yet and it is still very very rough.

Without saying a word, by Robyn Ward

"Go upstairs and have a long soak in the bath" he ordered her. Laura still looked fairly pale from her headache and she felt bone weary. "I'll bring you up a hot chocolate" Rhean told her. She went up the stairs compliantly, she ran her bath and put in lavender oil to try and help her relax. Laying down in the hot water, bubbles surrounding her body, she started to feel the tension leave it. Laura closed her eyes. She saw Rhean's image. He was naked from the waist down. Laura imagined how it would feel to have the dark crisp curls against her soft breasts, to run her hand through them and tug gently. How it would feel for him to touch her in a more intimate way. His mouth kissing and suckling gently on her breasts. Laura could feel her nipples peak and a pooling of her own heat between her thighs. She sighed out loud at the images in her mind. There was a knock at the bathroom door. Laura barely had time to spread the bubbles around her body before Rhean came in. He was carrying a steaming mug, but stopped dead. His heated gaze ran over her body that was exposed. Laying in the bath Laura looked sultry and sensual . The bubbles that she tried to cover her body with, biddened him towards her. Enticing him. She looked him in the eyes. Rhean could see she was very aroused and it was all he could do not to rip his clothes off and get in the bath with her. He cleared his throat in a gruff manner, then put the mug on the stand near the bath.
"Hmm.....aaah...ahem" Rhean had trouble speaking "there's your hot chocolate" he said quickly and left the bathroom. Laura smiled broadly, glad that she had such an effect on him.
Rhean leant back against the wall, his chest was pounding, as was a certain part of his anatomy. He saw the cat come upstairs and sit down in front of him. Tubs looked up at Rhean in the disdainful manner that cats had perfected. Then started licking himself.
"It's ok for you Tubs, you've been done" he muttered. Breathing heavily and trying to regain some control over his body seemed to take ages for Rhean. "I swear that woman is going to turn me into a bloody eunuch" he cursed and went downstairs. He heard the telephone ringing, then rushed to answer it.
"Hello?" he said as he picked up the receiver.
"Is that you Rhean?" said a familiar voice, "It's Maisie" there was an anxious tone in her voice.
"What's up Maisie?" Rhean said immediately concerned, prickles of ice went up his spine.
"Look, I don't want mum to know, but Aunt Alice has been round today, and I overheard some stuff" she said in a rushed voice
"Such as?" his voice hardened. "Maisie, I cant do anything if I don't know what's going on" he said
"I overheard Aunt Alice saying that she lost the baby, and that dad's furious with her" Maisie sounded like she had been crying. "she also said something about dad wanting us back to live with him.....Rhean?....are you there?"
"I'm here" he said "Maisie, I will sort this out, please don't worry" he tried to calm her down, inside his heart was pounding and his protective instinct was making its long awaited emergance.
"If I tell Theo or James they will go ape" Maisie explained. "You won't let Dad take us will you?" she sounded like a little girl instead of the fifteen year old, confident young woman she was.
"You can trust me Maisie. Everything will be ok" Rhean reassurred her in the calmest voice he could muster. Underneath he was simmering with rage, "trust me Maisie, nothing will happen to any of you" he stated in a firm voice. He heard Maisie sniff. "come on sweetie, please. Let me deal with all this"
"Ok Rhean, I'd better go. Gran will be here in a mo" she sniffed again. "Bye Rhean, see you tomorrow"
"See you tomorrow Maisie. Stay calm ok" it was getting difficult to talk as Rhean was trying to calm down himself "bye" he said and hung up the phone.
Walking around the living room a few times and squeezing and releasing his fists a few times helped with the tension. It felt like nothing compared to the thought of seeing Laura and her children threatened. He went to the cabinet in the corner and helped himself to a glass of irish whiskey. It slid down his throat with welcoming heat. He closed his eyes and willed himself to relax before Laura came downstairs. Looking at the time, he realised that they hadn't done anything about dinner. He picked up the telephone and ordered in a takeaway.
As Rhean was getting the plates and silverwear out ready for their meal, Laura tiptoed downstairs. She felt so much better now, and her 'naughty' side had emerged. Dressed in a lilac satin bathrobe, with cream short pajamas underneath, Rhean's hot gaze on her in the bath was her undoing. She smiled to herself as she saw him swallow down a glass of amber liquid. He heard her try and tiptoe across the room. Laura cocked her head to one side.
"What's wrong?" she asked. He was all antsy for some reason.
"Nothing" Rhean replied hurriedly. "do you want a glass of wine?" he picked up the bottle. Laura nodded, and Rhean poured the ruby red liquid into a wine glass. Laura sipped it and smiled up at him in a flirty way. Rhean didn't respond. He had another glass of whisky and then sat down. He patted the seat next to him, so Laura sat down and curled up next to him.
"What's for dinner?" she asked. Rhean thought for a moment,
"Oh......Chinese, its being delivered" he replied sounding distracted. Laura was concerned. She hadn't seen Rhean like this before.
"Are you ok?" she pressed. "what's wrong, you seem very tense and not here" Rhean turned to face Laura. She looked so delectable in her robe, and precious little else. He smiled at her and pulled her into his arms.
"I'm fine" he tried to reassure her.
"Really?, you dont seem it" she countered
"I'm, fine, I'm relaxed, I'm chilling" he said with a smile. For some reason Laura didn't quite believe him.
"I've seen corpses more relaxed than you" she muttered. Rhean burst out laughing.
"When have you ever seen a corpse?" he was still chuckling at that comment. Laura pointed to the television.
"On the tv" she said in quiet voice. Rhean gathered Laura into his arms and held her tight
"Oh I do love you so much Laura" he sighed and kissed the top of her head.
"When will the food be here?" she said in a muffled voice
"I think we have time" he replied and kissed her thoroughly. He pressed her back onto the sofa, his kisses becoming more and more demanding. He gave, she took and then gave back. His hands moved down and cupped her soft breasts through the soft satin. Laura's hands roamed over Rhean's shirt, frustrated she pulled it apart and heard it rip. There, she had access to his chest. Oh that strong muscular chest, covered with thick dark curls. Her hands entwined through them and she tugged gently around his nipple. He groaned in his throat, and pressed his groin down onto hers mimicking full intimacy. His mouth trailed from hers down her throat, nibbling, suckling until he came to her breast. He felt the nipple harden and plucked with his fingers. Bringing it to a point, his mouth opened around it through her clothing. He sucked gently and nibbled the tip with his teeth. Laura buckled underneath him, she writhed and and squirmed, wanting him, needing so much more. Laura could feel him straining through his jeans. Her hand moved further down and she cupped him and squeezed gently. He threw his head back, cried her name out loud and then she felt him pulsate in her hand, there was a warm dampness. Rhean moved away and put his head on his hands. Laura put her arms around his body and held him tight.
"It's ok" Laura told him. "I understand" Rhean looked at her. His face was flushed red from embarrassment as well as passion.
Just as Rhean was about to reply, there was a loud knock at the door.
"That will be the chinese" he said, and reached into his pocket for the money. "Could you get it Laura, I dont think I'm in any condition to see anyone" he said wryly. She smiled, took the money, and grabbing her large coat, put it round her before opening the door. Rhean rushed upstairs to wash and change.
She was dishing up their meal when she felt a pair of strong arms around her, and warm kisses on the back of her neck. Smiling she leaned back allowing Rhean better access.
"Careful, don't distract me, you may end up with less balls" she joked. He turned her round.
"Are you disappointed in me?" Rhean had to know.
"No, dont be silly" she replied, putting a hand up to stroke his strong jaw. He turned and pressed a kiss into the palm, "it was wonderful, and I'm glad you found me attractive enough to relax and let yourself go around me" she said gently. Using a chopstick, she picked up one of the chicken balls and placed it into his mouth. Laura reached up and kissed his cheek.
Later that evening, when they had eaten and washed up, Laura and Rhean went upstairs and watched a film together, or rather Rhean did. He looked at her sleeping, and an idea came into his head. He switched the television off and thought "to hell with it". Rhean slid under the covers and snuggled up to Lauras soft warm body. With the idea still fresh in his mind, and his arms around the woman he loved, Rhean fell deeply asleep."

copywrite Robyn ward.

Keep it kooky xxxxxxxxxxxxx