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Daughter of Jerusalem. Review and Giveaway

Waves hi from a very sunny England.  I have the fan blasting, and daintily slurping a mug of tea.

Today I am reviewing and giving away a copy of DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM by Joan Wolf.

She was a widow, a businesswoman, an adulteress.
In her lifetime, she knew murder, prejudice, and faith. She transformed from a Jewish girl longing for family to one of the closest friends of Jesus of Nazareth -- the Son of God.
In this fictionalized story of one of the Bible's most compelling women, New York Times best-selling author Joan Wolf beautifully recreates the history, romance, and tradition of Mary's world. Daughter of Jerusalem follows Mary's life from her first love through her loveless marriage, to the moment she heard of a miracle worker in her own town -- and ultimately to the moment she saw Him risen from the dead.
As this inspiring chronicle reminds us, Mary was the first to witness history's greatest moment. She was a woman who sought forgiveness for her sins, and a follower of God who yearned for a deeper faith. She was Jesus' beloved disciple. Read Mary Magdalene's story and find yourself in this remarkable woman's journey to discover the Kingdom of God.
My Review
Ok, my experience with the historical novel has been with the mainstream ones about English history. All I know of Mary Magdalene is from the Bible and Jesus Christ Superstar.  So for me this is a new foray.  Bit dubious at first, some Christian novels are rather 'in your face' preachy.  However...Daughter of Jerusalem surprised me in many ways.
First the storyline flowed smooth as silk. My preconceptions about Mary Magdalene as a prostitute in this book were unfounded. The book is fiction, and thoroughly enjoyable.  As I read certain parts, especially those referring to women during their cycles as 'unclean', well the women's lib side of me wanted to go 'grrrrr' at whoever made that ridiculous rule.  
As the storyline unravelled, I found myself enjoying the setting, and most of all that Mary became stronger and stronger.  Establishing her own identity and refusing to be subservient to any man.  She stood up for her beliefs and when she met Jesus, knew that he was the Messiah.  The Jewish leaders spoke of someone who would save them and in their own mind became blinkered to the events happening around them.  They had their own ideals, and refused to believe that God would walk among them in human form.  Experiencing for himself the world he had created.
So, as a conclusion.  Please do not judge a book by it's cover.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and have no problem recommending this to friends and family.
I have one copy for a lucky commentator.  Just pop in the comments section what appeals to you about this book and I will let one of my sons choose the winner.  Don't forget to put your email address so I can contact the winner for their mailing address. 
Good luck and keep it kooky!          

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  1. I like that Mary is a strong woman....seems inspiring. Thanks!