Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Welcome to a very hot and sticky Wednesday, and welcome to the HUMP DAY HOOK!

For my hook, I'm not sure if this snippet will help cool you off or perhaps intensify the heat.  This is from my novel WITHOUT SAYING A WORD, available from and

A cool breeze blew across Laura’s face as she walked towards the poolside. When she saw movements in the water, her breath caught in her throat at the sight that greeted her.
Rhean was swimming laps in the pool. He loved the feel of the water against his skin and the exercise helped burn off excess energy. The villa was the one place where he could relax and recharge his batteries. It also took his mind off his wife sleeping in their bedroom. As he turned in the water to make another lap, he felt eyes on him. Stopping, he  trod water and saw his wife, still dressed in the swimsuit and sarong, her heated gaze on him. Rhean smiled, swum over to the steps and stood up.
Laura saw Poseidon in the flesh as Rhean stood up and let the water stream off his muscled body. Droplets clung to his chest hair and nipples. He was nude and gloriously erect, his hardness pointed toward her, beckoning Laura, enticing her, tempting her. Rhean held out a hand toward her and taking courage in both hands, she looked at him. Her green eyes sparkled with passion, and she slowly drew off her swimming costume, leaving herself bare to his midnight blue gaze. The hungry look he gave her spoke volumes and made her nipples peak in anticipation.

She stepped into the water, taking hold of Rhean’s hand and steadied herself as the warmth flowed around her feet. Never taking her eyes away from her husband’s, Laura reached out and touched his chest. She loved the way the hair felt under her fingers and she curled her fingers around it and pulled gently.

What happens next?  Aha, just wait and see.

Hope you enjoyed today's hook.  Please hop around and enjoy more of these very talented authors work.

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