Thursday, 1 March 2012


No, you aren't dreaming, it's me posting on a Thursday, wow!!!! I have been reading a LOT recently, hoping to inspire myself into finishing my book, and going back in time and re-reading the books that made me fall in love with romance in the first place. 

So here they are.  My first ever trilogy of books that I fell in love with.  They are currently on my beside table and go with me whenever I go on holiday.

They stand out to me for one reason.  The stories are great!.  They are funny, sad, and as a 12 year old reading these, well the way the sex was written about opened my eyes and I ended up basing my ideal man on them. 

Then of course Gina wrote a follow up,  Hotline, which was a brilliant read.  Its about two people that start talking after a wrong number is dialled.  It mentions the oldest sister Spring.  I like the way that Gina describes the hero as slightly shorter than the heroine.  Which does not in any way detract from his handsomeness.  Another Gina Wilkins one features a red haired geeky type, who falls in love with his personal assistant.  Red hair, hairy another favourite hero!!!   A Stroke of Genius.....Finally there was Could It Be Magic, about a magician called Jeremy falling for a quiet teacher called Gwen.  Wonderful stuff.  These are on my bedside table

How lovely are these covers?  The stories are just as great.  I bought the last three from amazon for a penny, and my darling husband bought me the trilogy for Valentines day a few years ago.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be the man you have dreamed about for such a long time, or the one that you married 6 years ago, and who makes you laugh, cry, pull your hair out. 
As a teenager I had a major crush on Jonesy from the Waltons.  For all those that have no idea who I am talking about, he was Mary-Ellen's second husband.  He made her laugh, was intense at times, but his character was deeply in love with her, and he showed it so much.  For me then, he was the man I wanted to marry.  Well, I may not have the man below, but I have my own Hero......Matthew Ward.

Theres the man himself.  There aren't a lot of similarities to Jonesy, but Matt makes me laugh, he looks after me, and he loves me.  In fact he tells me all the time that he does. 

Finally the one man that of course is most girl's hero, her daddy.  I lost mine when I was 11 years old.  I see him though in my children and think of him often, especially in April.  Yes I was blonde once!

So there you go. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. From the man you married, to your dad.  From the man that took you to the hospital when you were in labour, to the ones that run riot in your imagination.  I raise a glass to you all and say THANK YOU!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and look forward to reading about your heroes.  Enjoy MAD MARCH and above all KEEP IT KOOKY!!!!


  1. Great post, Manda :)

    I love vintage romances, because the rules were so different, back then. For instance, I love Jacqueline Baird's books. I know that nowadays her books would have too much telling and her heroes are rather rough, but I just couldn't put them down.

    I'm sorry about your loss. My father died when I was 6 and I know it's hard. But I'm sure they are out there somewhere, and they've done a great job making sure we found our husband heroes :)

    Have a great day!