Thursday, 29 March 2012


What a FABULOUS cover. How beautiful is this book?

I have been really privileged to get an advanced copy of this to review.  I try not to give away any of the plotlines and feel that each reader gets to experience the book in their own way, and with their own imagination.

Set in 1824 Regency England, I was immersed immediately in the era.  Henrietta definately has "sparkage" and "moxie" which is really great.  As for the hero Rafe.  What can I say apart from wow!
Marguerite has really tapped into the emotions and feelings of both her main characters, and from the first page, I was following their romance and turning over pages faster and faster. 

The story is fast paced, and keeps the reader on their toes throughout.  Marguerite's descriptions of life in London and the country is spot on, and her words flow like a melody.

Missing emeralds, a thump on the head and an Earl who actually has feelings, a heart and is not afraid to show them.  A woman who is strong and not afraid to be true to herself.  This book really is a wonderful read.  I loved it from the very first page and sad when it ended.

Pride and Prejudice this is NOT!

It's available on Amazon to pre-order at this link

This is a really wonderful book and not one to miss.

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