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Hello everyone, and welcome to Kook's Nook.  This morning I am joined by the very delightful Tory Michaels who has recently had her first paranormal/fantasy novel published by Evernight Publishing.  I have read this myself and thoroughly recommend it.  It's amazing that this world has been created by a woman.  Especially a woman with a busy life twin baby daughters and a 5 year old.  Anyhoo, please give a huge round of applause to Tory, all the way from the good ol US of A!  Grab a hot/cold drink, some snacks and just relax and enjoy

Welcome Tory to Kook's Nook.
Thanks for having me Kooky, its a pleasure to be here.
First is there a book that sticks out in your mind, that you go back to time and time again?
Oddly, the first book in Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series (name escapes me right now). Incredibly hot. <cough> Yeah, so sue me.
How do you like to write? in the quiet or can you write amongst abject chaos?
Cannot write amidst a lot of chaos. I prefer music in the background, or TV. I need noise of some sort, but not the kind that you get from two babies and a 5 y/o. Heh.
Who is your inspiration?
Is it selfish to say I don’t really have one? I write because that’s what I love to do. I’ve never been the sort to say, “Oh, look at ‘X’, I must now write about it.” Maybe old role-playing games inspired me at times, but that’s about it.
Who would you most like to bring you your first drink of the morning?
I should probably say my husband, right? Necessary and loving wifely duty aside, if I could be sure I would emerge alive from it, I’d have to say Jordan. Yeah, I’m hung up on my sociopath. If we’re talking about people who really exist, probably David Boreanaz (Angel from the Buffy/Angel universe) or some other hot, mostly naked man.
What do you tend to snack on whilst writing (Im a foodie)
Pepperoni and cheese. Don’t ask.
Do you have a favourite recipe you could share with us?
Mexican lasagna. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where the cookbook is and I’m not sure of the exact recipe. I’m not the primary chef (thank God – I despise cooking).

Could you give some advice to aspiring authors?
Don’t give up, pay some attention to the market but only to a certain point. Everything comes into vogue from time to time, and then goes right back out again.
What advice do you have if you get blocked?
Drink prune juice? Oh, did you mean writer’s block? Hehehe, sorry, couldn’t resist. Don’t do what I did (have babies). They’re awfully cute, but once they get out of the sleeping lump phase, they’re awfully squirmy and demanding of attention. I read, go back and reread what I’ve been working on and try to find out what went wrong and then chop it out and build things back up. I had to chop over 100 pages of my upcoming release, Blood-Mage Rising, because I’d gone down the wrong path. Later, I chopped another 40 pages because I’d done it again. While I will never be an outliner/planner, I can see why that route might appeal to some (including Super Editor).
A big question? How do you like your heroes, hairy chested or smooth and sleek?
Smooth and sleek. If I wanted a bear, I’d go find a Kodiak (or a were-bear) cub and cuddle with that. Blech, body hair on men is right up there with heavy-duty veins in the arms and hands for major turn-offs.
Do you find it easy to write love scenes?
Only if you consider getting teeth pulled easy.
Is there a type of romance you have always wanted to write?
Yup, and I’ve written it (Blood Rage). Now I’m more into the urban fantasy side of things, with a heavy dose of potential romance for the leads (Jordan/Chris in Blood-Mage Rising and book 3, potentially titled In Dreams or Blood Dreams).
What are your favourite genres to read?
Regency romance, paranormal romance, and suspense/thriller-esque books (think Douglas Preston/Lincoln Childs).
How do you relax?
I swim or read a good book. I’m pretty boring.
Finally.....could you share a teaser from your latest release please?
Hrmm, from Rage?

1810 – Scotland
As he circled the clearing, staring down at the fire he smelled from miles out, Anthony let out an inaudible snarl. He could see the damnable leader of the pack calling themselves the Aristocrats off to one side watching the blaze. The Bloody Baron himself, Jordan MacNaught.
To Anthony’s horror, a little girl lay unconscious at the baron’s feet, a spot of blood marring the white flesh of her neck.
Upon landing, he shifted from falcon to man and stalked across the chilly clearing. He felt only the faintest stirring of life. He could do nothing for the humans inside. He couldn’t retaliate either, not as long as the other man limited his mischief to members not of the Blood. Neither Council nor Circle cared when humans got hurt.
Reaching Jordan, he asked, “What the devil are you doing so far north?”
“Enjoying a gorgeous, chilly night, old man. Lovely company, delicious meal. I generally don’t find that this far north.” Jordan smiled at Anthony, clearly gloating over the knowledge that he was untouchable. “Question is, what brings you here? Don’t tell me, let me guess. Are you chasing down the little whore? Do you regret letting her go?”
Anthony’s attention centered on the little girl, no more than eight, lying in only a thin night-rail. He tentatively touched her mind, found no sign the baron did more than snack on her. Thank the gods. The girl bore little resemblance to Athdara, instead favoring the shared mother, the courtesan L’Emeraude.
Assured the girl should survive the bite, he looked back to Jordan, and he ground his teeth. Anger served no purpose in this discussion, so he reined his in. “Hardly,” he said, and left it to Jordan to decide which question the response fit. When it came to avoiding an outright lie, it all depended on which question he chose to answer.
Anthony Caldwell, his current persona, carried one of England’s oldest and most noble titles. He would never condescend to chase a woman, no matter how much he enjoyed her. He did miss Athdara though, even though she’d left him only two weeks ago. For the first in centuries, he’d lain with the same woman exclusively for two years, and he still didn’t understand why she left. They’d enjoyed each others’ company so much.
“Your wife said you came this way. She wasn’t happy you left without her.”
The shorter man smirked, holding his hands up as if to warm them by the inferno. “The little dear could have come with me. Such bounty should be shared. Would you care for some, Your Grace?”
His stomach curdled at the notion of taking blood from one so young. Despicable. “Given you came in pursuit of a woman, are you surprised she refused to join you?” Anthony waved toward the fire. “What was the point of this?”
“Eliminating MacKechnie’s ties to this wretched wasteland, naturally. With this as a lure,” Jordan nudged the little girl with the toe of his boot, “She’ll come right back to London.” He moaned softly, as if in ecstasy from whatever sick images he was conjuring.
Anthony almost flattened him right there, Inner Circle and rules of propriety be damned. After two years of fantasizing about his human, Jordan seemed to think her fair game now. And to involve a child? Given her utter devotion to her younger siblings, Anthony harbored no doubt Athdara would do whatever she had to to get Caila back. That devotion would only end in death if she got caught up in MacNaught’s game.
“The nectar of the little ones was incredible, old man. Pity there was so little.”
“You drained them? Burning wasn’t enough?” Anthony might act as executioner for the Council and Circle as required, but he could never, would never cross that line and kill a child.
“Waste them like that?” Jordan gasped in mock horror and clapped a pale hand to his cheek. “Heavens, no! They were so ripe for the plucking. Surely you’ve tried the young at least once? The fear, the agony. It’s almost as exquisite as a woman’s final scream

You can contact Tory at these websites

Thanks for being here Tory, its been an absolute pleasure, and from all of us at the Nook, wishing you every success with your writing.

Ok, thats all there is for now.  Keep viewing, as I am doing a round up of some really great romance books during this week.

Have fun, be safe, and above all.........KEEP IT KOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Tory, nice to meet you. Your books look interesting. Congrats on their release.

    Kooky, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. *waves at Tory*

    I had to giggle at the having babies when suffering from writer's block.Never heard it call that before ;-)

    Great interview!