Tuesday, 7 May 2013


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Well it's official, WITHOUT SAYING A WORD is going to be released this week.  So, I thought I would give my lovely followers a sneak peek at an exclusive extract, never before read by anyone apart from the publisher and my editor. 

Laura, what happened between you and Max?”
Laura's eyes snapped open. She sat bolt upright on the sofa. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. “What did you just say?” Laura wondered for a moment if she had been asleep and experiencing a nightmare. She glared at Rhean, standing in the doorway, wiping his hands on a tea-towel.
I asked what happened between you and Max,” Rhean repeated softly.
Laura shook her head incredulously, tapping her ear with her finger.
No, I wasn't dreaming. What the Dickens brought this on?” she asked, her voice shrill.
Laura, I have been nothing but honest with you since we met. I thought if you told me what went wrong with you and Max, it might help.”
Laura pursed her lips. She should have known this question would crop up, even after all the counseling she had been through. She could not think about that day without shuddering, and feeling ashamed. Laura knew she had the courage within her. Well, if he wanted to know, so be it. The delicious meal she had enjoyed earlier left a vile aftertaste in her mouth, and her stomach throbbed in response to her tumultuous emotions.
Laura stood up. She found it easier to pace and talk, desperately avoiding the stricken expression on Rhean's face. She saw he was sitting in her favorite armchair, leaning forward.
From the look on your face and the way you asked the question, I get a nasty feeling that you know already,” she said.
Rhean nodded. “I know some, not all,” he admitted softly.
Laura bobbed her head, and let out a whoosh of breath, desperately needing to compose herself.
You would have thought that after a year of counseling this would get easier to talk about.”
Some things are never easy,” Rhean replied, his voice as soft as a whisper.
Despite the fire raging away in the hearth, Laura felt chilled to the bone. She rubbed her arms and shoulders, and knew she could no longer put it off.
Max and I were married for just over twelve years. We'd met at a friends' party, started dating and six months later he asked me to marry to him. Max worked for the local council, as one of the finance team. So his job was secure, and we had a lovely home. I didn't want for anything. When Maisie, Theo and James arrived, Max was a great father, attentive, even spoiling them at times. Because of his job, he spent time away from home on courses and business trips, and I never thought anything of it. If I had to get in touch with him, I’d leave a message with his secretary.”
Anyway, one day, I came home from the shops. It was so stupid. Maisie had asked for a certain meal that night, and I'd forgotten to get the ingredients, so I had to make a special trip out. I came home and found Max's wallet on the table. He was supposed to be at work. When I picked up the wallet, a slip of paper fell out. I picked it up... and went upstairs and er...well, I found Max screwing another woman on our bed.″
Laura let out another deep breath. Now for the hard part.
Max went all apeshit at being caught. The next thing I knew, he's called me every single name under the sun, and hit me. But he didn't stop. He kept on, hitting, slapping, and kicking me. It was as if he wanted me dead. You know the stupid thing about all this? I didn't fight back. I should have found it within me to bite him. I should have kicked him in the balls. I should have run from him. But I didn't. I fell over one of her shoes, hit the ground and before I could catch my breath, he kicked me in the chest.” Laura's voice broke. “This was Max, for crying out loud. He had never raised a hand to me, and never even yelled at me. We had discussions, but hardly argued. Max was easy-going and I thought he loved me. I tried so hard to be the best wife I could be. But it wasn't enough for him.”
She shook her head, and paced to and fro in front of Rhean. She hoped he wasn't too disgusted with her at being such a wimp.
And that's all you are going to get........for now.  Please keep your eyes peeled to my Facebook page and on Kook's Nook for links.
Would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jennifer Conner from BOOKS TO GO NOW, my editor Marilyn and Danica Winters for all their wonderful help, and isn't the cover art fabulous!
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  1. Love the excerpt! Really looking forward to reading it. Congrats!

  2. Oh Manda! I'm crying for poor Laura. I'm so glad she gets her HEA this time!