Wednesday, 2 November 2011

No no Nano!

This November I am going to try and attempt Nano, which is National Novel Writing Month.  Basically 50 THOUSAND words in a month.  I have written my first chapter and because this is fiction, I am finding it very hard work.  Added to the fun and games of my toddler son using my computer a lot to watch Power Rangers or Peppa Pig etc.

However, what I am writing is actually very difficult.  My heroine suffers from depression, and as such finds life such a battle.  This could be anyone in the street.  Everyone is different and copes with their own problems in their own way.  My title: Without Saying a Word pretty much sums up my own experiences of depression and anxiety.  Compared to others I am fairly mild.  I have had therapy but there are days when climbing into bed or just laying on the sofa, not wanting to go out anywhere is still true today.  Sometimes words arent needed.  Its the actions of someone who holds their hand out to you to hold onto.  A hug, a cuddle, a shoulder or a mug of tea says so much more than being told "Get a grip, Pull yourself together, It will be ok, It's all in your mind or the classic,  "there are others worse than you".

I hope that I can continue with Laura and Rhean's story and be able to finish this.  Could be the therapy I have not had yet!

Oh and to add a bit of a twist, Rhean is a younger man and based on David Essex in his much younger sexier days!  He is also the headmaster of the school her children attend, as well as her neighbour. So he has been aware of the changes, and decides to help her.

So there we go.  A blog from the heart and lets hope I can continue as Im rather liking Rhean A LOT!



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  1. Good luck with Nano, I chickened out this year, maybe next time! Let me know how it goes :-) Mmmm I used to love David Essex in those younger, sexier days... thanks for the reminder.