Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Mr Smee spills the 'Magic Beans'

Over the past few months I have become a fan of Once Upon A Time which, I am sad to say is on its final season.

I was over the moon to discover that one of the actors was born in the town where I live and the same hospital where my own son was born, Luton in Bedfordshire.  The actor....none other than Christopher Gauthier who's role as the affable, loyal yet bumbling William Smee has been an absolute joy to watch.   Chris has also appeared as a chef in A Town Called Eureka, as the incredibly sinister Toyman in Smallville as well as other roles in Hallmark movies, When Calls The Heart and A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

So does this Vancouver based actor miss the English way of life.  There was only one way I could think of....ask him.

To my delight Chris not only gave me a fantastic interview which is in The Luton News but as an added extra, a quick fire Q&A which I can publish exclusively here on my blog!

Favourite sandwich? BLT with Cheese

What are you binge-watching at the moment? Peaky Blinders

When you remember Luton what immediately springs to mind? Nans house

Favourite kids show or film? The one with Worzel Gummidge  (scared the stuff out of me!!! 


When you get home from work what’s the first thing you do? Say hi to the fam and park on the couch for a bit!

Star Wars or Star Trek? Wars but I DO also enjoy Trek.

Marvel or DC? Marvel on big screen DC on small. (Mostly cause I’m part of the small screen universe)

English tea and biccies or American coffee with pie? Gonna have to go with coffee and pie on this one.

Custard or ice-cream? CUSTARD!!!

Crisps or chips? Chips. This is a trick question.

Leading onto…Fish n chips or curry and rice? Fish and Chips! Big time!

Chrimbo dinner or Thanksgiving dinner? We don’t really celebrate thanksgiving (being from England) also it’s not as big a deal in Canada as it is in The States.

Christmas pudding or mince pies? Mince pies!

What do you listen to when you are driving? Tool is great but lately it’s been a lot of Run the Jewels

The one advert on TV that drives you mad? Too many to name!

A show your kids’ watch that drives you insane…Mine are currently divided between blasted you-tube videos of Minecraft, Nickelodeon, Horrid Henry and Power Rangers.

They’re largely into older stuff now so it’s not that bad. But when they were young it was a show called Calliou Ugh...

Smee’s woolly hat or Hook’s leather coat? Both! But if I have to choose leather coat.

Finally where haven’t you visited in England but have always wanted to? Maybe Brighton? I’m quite happy to stay in Luton... how’s that for a sappy ending…..Magical!


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