Monday, 22 April 2013


Waves hi from her chair in front of a bulging bookcase. 

Greetings chaps.  This is terrible, two blogs in a month.  Well naughty me.  Anyhoo, I have news, yes more news.  As if finishing the first round of edits of Without Saying A Word wasn't enough, on pril 12 I was offered a contract for The MisAdventures of Pann Haggerty from


This is a major publisher in America and these amazing people want to publish my Pann Haggerty.  I'm still gobsmacked even after signing the contract, and finding out that any sequel/s are to be submitted to them for first refusal.

The proposed release date for Pann is 28th August.  So over the next few weeks I am going to be a busy bee and work hard revamping the manuscript.  Pann for me really is a joy to write.  I love being in her mind, and able to experience the mishaps she does, whilst keeping my own dignity intact.

For us Brits, the closest I can get to a visual image of Pann is Miranda Hart, but with longer hair and slightly shorter.  Her mannerisms and the way she speaks is spot on, even though darling Pann has been around in my head for well over a year.  As for Joe, ladies cast your mind to the Gilmore Girls and think of Luke Danes aka Scott Patterson.  Only taller and stockier and with a great sense of humour, a loving heart for this insane British lass and so much patience.

So there you go in a nutshell.  Pann really is not a traditional love story.  My central characters are in their 40s, proving that life really starts with your flirty forties and boy is Pann flirty. 

Each chapter is a different state.  At the back there is Pann's recipe book.  All of the recipes are tried and tested by me, and made on a regular basis.

I do hope that you will enjoy reading Pann as much as I have had writing her.  Of course this is only the first one in the series.

Not sure if anyone remembers the old American style series on television with the booming voice for the intro something along the lines of "Previously in the Adventures of Champion the Wonder Horse", well this is how Pann came about.  A series about a fairly crazy English lady travelling around America in an RV after picking her son's underpants up for the last time,

I think we all get like that.  Our lives can be predictable and mundane to the point where we feel we need to break out and do something.  In my case something stupid.  I have been known to run around the living room topless yelling "boob alert" when I am on my own, or moon my neighbours over the road through the net curtains, why you ask? Because I want to!

So if you want to, please follow my blog as I will posting more info about Pann, showing off cover art and of course featuring authors from Books To Go Now and Secret Cravings Publishing, both of whom I am proud to be an author with.

2013 really is turning out to be a fabulous year so far.  Thanks for your support

Keep it Kooky xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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