Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Woman in the Corner

See that strange woman in the corner.  You know the one with a ponytail, glasses holding a mug of tea and some bookmarks.  Well that woman is me! I really do not like publicity and when it comes to promoting my work, well I tend to let word of mouth do the job for me.

Since July this year, I have had 6 short stories published and one full length novel published too.  I have designed a website here!, business cards and bookmarks.  I am on GoodreadsManda  have also met via Facebook Amanda some of my idols in the romance industry.  Without this social media, I would not have had the pleasure of meeting Times bestselling author, Trisha Ashley and the author of The Scandalous Ravenhursts, Louise Allen.  This was at an afternoon tea in Bedford run by The Festival of Romance. 

Here is the fabulous Louise with a beautiful Regency fan
and here is my mother in law with the wonderful Trisha Ashley.  I was a tad gushy there, ok I was exceptionally gushy!

It has been a very busy few months for me.  I am currently studying an Open University course in the Arts, with school runs and the Pann Haggerty stories to write, life has been rather hectic. Now that the Christmas season is snowballing ahead, it going to get even more hectic.  Pann 7 needs to be written as does Pann 8, together with assignments for my course and presents to get.  I think you understand.

So where does this leave that rather batty woman in the corner, still sipping her mug of tea hoping that readers will notice her work and perhaps give it a read. I really am not sure.  I could lift my top and flash my boobage, or perhaps sneak bookmarks into bags.   Word of mouth can help so much, as would supportive friends who will let other friends know etc. 

Social media at times is really exhausting.  I am a nosey person at heart and love finding out who is having what published and what the book is about.  There are days when I wonder if writing is the vocation for me, it seems that I'm plodding along slowly like a tortoise and not getting anywhere.  I love my Pann story collection, and I still think that Rhean from Without Saying A Word is like a hot buttered crumpet on a cold day. 

Word of mouth can work wonders.  If anyone has read my work and likes it, please be like butter and spread it!

Thanks and to all my US followers Have a very merry Turkey Thyme!

With love

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