Friday, 17 December 2010

A very unwelcome guest

Shhh I'm hiding!,  there is a very unwelcome guest in our home this week, and no I am not talking about headlice, I am talking about a stomachbug which started on Saturday and so far has affected everyone bar the teen, who I think has gotten away with it due to being on antibiotics the past week!

My washing machine will soon be asking for a divorce Im sure, but as there wasnt a pre-nup signed, well, tough.  All the beds (bar teens) have been changed at least twice this week! and our home now smells of vanish and febreeze.......lovely!  Methinks this blog post is going to be a bit of a moany one.  Mind you, with a stomachbug you would have thought that Spud and Amy would be on the sofa lying down not really doing much...WRONG! Spud seems to be great in himself, in fact he has turned into a younger version of Sir Edmund Hillary, climbing everywhere and causing all sorts of mischief.  In fact I go to get him out of mischief and it seems to be a diversion for another lot on the opposite end of the room.  Amy on the other hand seems perfectly ok in herself, even though shes not eating properly.  We have her on mulitvitamins at the moment, perhaps that will help.  Its been a shame really because of her illness she missed out on her school assembly and now her last day of term! 

These past two months have been very fraught for more reasons than I can remember, DH and I are having problems, my younger son is now in care in a unit for adhd children in Torquay and last week Tony was jumped and punched in the face by two pakistanis wearing hoodies, one of which was a schoolboy younger than my son. It happened as he was walking back from the orthodontist in the afternoon on the bridge not 5 mins walk from our home.  The older "thug" punched him in the face knocking him to the ground, whereupon both of them started kicking him leaving him with two fractures to his jaw and bruises on his arms and legs where he tried to protect himself.  I have never known such agony of mind when he rang crying asking me to help him and told me what had happened.  I still have the image of him walking in the door, his face covered in blood, clothes covered in dirt, crying and scared.  Unfortunately although what they did was ABH there is no possibility of a conviction for the animals that did this. 

To top off a wonderful month, my beloved great aunt died recently.  Although she celebrated her 100th birthday early on this year, she was a much loved and respected member of our family.  As children we spent 2 weeks every year staying with her during the school holidays and she was there when my older 3 children were born.  Its sad because she was the last member of the oldest generation, and the only member of my mothers immediate family (bar her cousins) that is left now is my mother.  To think of your own mother getting old is something I cant quite do and makes me think how quick time has zoomed past even when you try hard not to blink.  My oldest children will be 20 and 19 next year.   When Prince William and Catherine Middleton became engaged, I felt the years weigh on me as I remembered his parents engagement and their wedding.  To see his fiancee wearing the same ring, well I really cant figure out when I blinked and they grew up! 

I was talking to a very lovely friend of mine yesterday on Fb and the subject came up about the last time we had a conversation with anyone that didnt involve children, food, partners, etc... Actually had a "grown up" conversation.  Thinking about it, I suppose mine must have been 20 years ago!  It would be just so lovely to be able to talk about something apart from those other subjects.

Oh well a quick update on the unwelcome visitor situation:  just picked adam up from school.  Tomorrow's looked forward to trip to kent will be a drag and drop situation now, so will have a few mins with my folks and my friend hopefully, then back home.

Merry christmas to one and all

the sickhouse!

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